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The tag line USED to be, “in the war on fox terrorism, there are always two sides,” but I changed it because not everyone landing on the blog was immediately breed savvy enough to know I was talking about a fox terrier. But I’ve never really liked “dog blogging from two bitches in Brooklyn,” all that much. I’ve talked about dog places other than Brooklyn plenty of times, and while I like the local angle, its not all we do here. So here are my other thoughts…. (feel free to add more to the comments)

…  because hunting foxes is better than watching FOX news

… two sides to every dog story and dog face

… rhymes with Lollipop

… two bitches, one dog blog

… a fox terrier and a terrorized Owner

… this is not a jack russell

Conclusions to draw here: I like the word “bitch.” Maybe its time to move on though? Please help!


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