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I spent last night moving each and every bitchy post on this wordpress page to our new home http://raleighpop.com

And by that I mean I found a widget to do it for me, so I drank some Raging Bitch beer and sat around pressing “refresh” every so often.

These shall be the last words I press here, so please visit us at the new blog. And thanks for reading, tweeting, and commenting!


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The tag line USED to be, “in the war on fox terrorism, there are always two sides,” but I changed it because not everyone landing on the blog was immediately breed savvy enough to know I was talking about a fox terrier. But I’ve never really liked “dog blogging from two bitches in Brooklyn,” all that much. I’ve talked about dog places other than Brooklyn plenty of times, and while I like the local angle, its not all we do here. So here are my other thoughts…. (feel free to add more to the comments)

…  because hunting foxes is better than watching FOX news

… two sides to every dog story and dog face

… rhymes with Lollipop

… two bitches, one dog blog

… a fox terrier and a terrorized Owner

… this is not a jack russell

Conclusions to draw here: I like the word “bitch.” Maybe its time to move on though? Please help!

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Yesterday we happily reported that on June 29th, our fabulous third birthday, we received a wonderful Artichoke to play with. This certainly beats the other gifts we were given: Advantage Flea Control Solution and Flea Shampoo. We are not sure what the humans were thinking, but in an act of birthday defiance, we made our opinion known by carting our bag of birthday treats around the house, husky-pulling-sled-style. As we are unexperienced in protest parades, we are not sure that the message was properly received.

Step One: Attach Bag to Neck


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Hey Readers! If you keep up with us regularly, you’ve notice that blog posting has been light (non-existent) this week. So Raleigh and I talked about it and decided to keep it that way for a few more days. We’ll be back next week with all sorts of bitchy things, but for now we’re encouraging everyone to get away from the computer and go play in a park.

In the meantime, we still need a summer intern, so write in if you are qualified. What is qualified, you may ask? Just be a dog. That is all we ask. (It’s so easy, a cat could do it!)

Are you still at the computer? Desperately missing us? In that case, do what tipster Laurel does (thanks!) and check this out:


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Sometime late last night, this blog reached its 5,000th page view while the Twitter feed found it’s 100th follower. We’d like to thank the good people at Core77 for letting us run with the series, Dogs on Design, without which, we would not be nearly as popular. Because looks aren’t everything. Not even when you are a bitch.

Ear Up Salute!

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Q: Raleigh, who is your Owner?

A: It’s about time we got that softball question. That woman thinks she is so smart, hiding behind a Parker Posey icon. However, her graduate school already exposed her when we got that article published on Core 77.

So meet Sarah. The Owner.

Now that that is out, you may expect us to start calling her by her first name. HA! This is payback for almost naming us Portia. Owner it is.

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Q: Why did you name your dog Raleigh?

A: I get this question a lot so the answer might be quite long. But I’m glad you asked! First of all, internet friends, let’s clear up the pronunciation. It’s not Rally. Say “raw-lee.” Good. Good, dog!

Baby dog . Hi, my name is _________

When Raleigh came to live with me on January 1, 2008, she was six months old and already had a name. It was Dolly.

Hello, Dolly?


I knew I had to change it and it I had to do it fast. I had read that certain letter sounds are easier for dogs to understand. Also I read that its best to have a one- or two-syllable name. All good advice. My top choices were… (more…)

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