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Q: Raleigh- Yesterday you featured an old guy and his Irish Setter in the post about dogs in Virginia Beach. I was wondering if that is your Grandpa?

A: Thanks for asking. That guy, Bill, is my Owner’s Grandpa, so he is our Great Grandpa! And the red-headed mess next to him is Ollie (Oliver if you are formal). Great Grandpa Bill is a serious, life-long dog lover. In his 97 years, he has owned more dogs than he can remember (but apparently every thing is hard to remember at that age, which means he is great at giving out multiple dog treats!) His history of dogs includes (best we can recall): 2 Cocker Spaniels (One whose name was Scram), 3 Irish setters (Kim and Kay preceded Ollie), 3 English Cocker Spaniels  (Jodie, Blue, and Duke) and a Boston Terrier named Blackie. Unconfirmed family reports suggest there was also a “farm dog” growing up, and at least two litters of puppies for a while.


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