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When you get a dog, you expect that you are going to smell a little. I always thought the bad thing I would smell like would be the actual dog. Turns out Raleigh smells great most of the time, it’s her treats leaving the bad odor on me. I have hands, pockets, even whole bags that smell like fermented pork juice. I have to carry treats with me to get her to come home from the park, so this is just the sad reality I have accepted.

At least until our friend Cherise shared her MarmaLady’s Munchies with me. We tried a bag of the Sweet Tater Rovers, which smell like sweet potatoes instead of something long dead and dried up. As if that was not enough, some of the treats also feature my favorite thing ever. Icing! They were so fancy, I fed them to my dog on a plate.

Dog Eat Dog



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