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We’ve had a lot of fun around the office with our intern, but it’s that time of year when you just can’t ask a little dog to toil in obscurity any more. He prefers to sleep there instead. And so today we say happy graduation to Rocco the Chihuahua. You really rocked that Q&A Buddy!

We asked him if we could give him a pat on the back...

He said he was SO OUTTA HERE!

But then we lured him back for a peanut butter snack. Interns are all about free food!

Stay tuned for a post on upcoming summer internship opportunities. As an equal opportunity exploiter, we accept all breeds.


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It’s one of those Saturday mornings where it’s just better for me to be looking up other people’s jokes than righting my own. Oh wait. Except it’s 1 pm and no longer the morning. See how this is going???

Please enjoy some of these funny bitches and their dogs will I try and get it together.

Chelsea Handler and Chunk. Photo stolen from the New York Times.

Sarah Silverman and Duck. Image Stolen from Flickr.

Janeane Garaflo and dog. Image stolen from Jezebel.

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Me: Have you read Raleigh’s blog?

Sister: Yes, you keep sending me all the links.

Me: Did you read the Foster Dog Story? Is it funny?

Sister: It’s good.

Me: Did you read the whole thing? I just posted the next part.

Sister: No, I didn’t. Did I mention I am applying to jobs this week?

Me: So, really. What do you think of the blog?

Sister: I think it’s made you a high-maintenance bitch.


BOTH of you!

Me: You ARE reading!

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