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We’ve had a lot of fun around the office with our intern, but it’s that time of year when you just can’t ask a little dog to toil in obscurity any more. He prefers to sleep there instead. And so today we say happy graduation to Rocco the Chihuahua. You really rocked that Q&A Buddy!

We asked him if we could give him a pat on the back...

He said he was SO OUTTA HERE!

But then we lured him back for a peanut butter snack. Interns are all about free food!

Stay tuned for a post on upcoming summer internship opportunities. As an equal opportunity exploiter, we accept all breeds.


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Note: Rocco cannot type so Owner transcribed this response for him. It is, however, totally true.

Q: Rocco,
Is Chihuahua love exactly safe in this day and age? How about just Chihuahua fondness…or Chihuahua affection for someone, though not too serious, lets see how it goes, gosh I had fun the other day in the park?

A: Danny. Calm yourself. I know I am attractive, but you are getting carried away.

Now, is Chihauhua love safe? Oh my goodness. What IS safe at all! We tend to spend most of our time cowering from Brooklyn in our crate. Here is a list of things we find unsafe: (more…)

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Thanks to reader Danny for sending in this question. As usual, the response will take a while to put together, since we have to wake our intern and translate his howling into English. Expect a response tomorrow!

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Peoples! Do you know how exhausting it is to hunt imaginary foxes and maintain an active blog? No. You don’t!

Too tired to blog! Must sleep here next to the warmth of the mac lap.

So we’re going to sleep it off today and let our intern take over with some hot, fresh Chihuahua Q&A. Write in, peoples! Responses posted tomorrow.
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It’s good to hire an intern to do things that you can’t do (or are not willing to do). Which is why we at Raleigh Pop are proud to bring you a chihuahua modeling a sweater. It may be March but its still cold out there, so we hope this makes you feel cozy.

Our model insists this is not his best angle.


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We are tired of chasing our own tail so we’ve hired some help. Any by hired, we mean tricked-someone-smaller-than-us-into-working-for-free.

Meet intern Rocco, a chihuahua originally from Texas. He arrived in the big city in August and has been unemployed ever since so he was prime for toiling in obscurity at Raleigh Pop. We are concerned, however, that he is used to sleeping 22 hours a day and may not adjust well to the demands of this site. See the fear in his eyes?

He has taken to cubicle life.

Like any good intern, he is already an expert in stealing office supplies. Welcome to the team, Rocco!

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