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Note: Rocco cannot type so Owner transcribed this response for him. It is, however, totally true.

Q: Rocco,
Is Chihuahua love exactly safe in this day and age? How about just Chihuahua fondness…or Chihuahua affection for someone, though not too serious, lets see how it goes, gosh I had fun the other day in the park?

A: Danny. Calm yourself. I know I am attractive, but you are getting carried away.

Now, is Chihauhua love safe? Oh my goodness. What IS safe at all! We tend to spend most of our time cowering from Brooklyn in our crate. Here is a list of things we find unsafe: (more…)


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Thanks to reader Danny for sending in this question. As usual, the response will take a while to put together, since we have to wake our intern and translate his howling into English. Expect a response tomorrow!

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NOTE: Since Rocco is too tiny to type, this post was transcribed by Owner. But it is totally verbatim.
Q: Do you believe in soulmates?  If so, who do you believe is yours?
A: I am so excited to finally have the chance to talk about the Lady! I meant to mention her before, but I was sleeping. (more…)

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Thanks Golden, for writing in! I am going to go rouse the intern to see what he has to say about this. Response this afternoon!

If you have not written in yet and would like to….
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