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I saw the headline of this article in my google reader and I thought, that is me! And then I realized this is about dogs not humans. Aggressive Dogs May Be Depressed talks about a study on serotonin:

Canine aggression is the most common behavioral problem that veterinarians see and now new research is finding that the aggressive behavior may be the result of depression, The Telegraph reported.

Luckily, my dog does not attack other dogs. I, on the other hand, have been known to fly off the handle a bit, and a lot more recently, due to family events I’d rather not detail at the moment. What I will say, is my poor sister has listened to a lot of misplaced vitriol this summer. I’m a semi-aggressive person all the time, but I certainly notice a big difference when I am upset/depressed. It’s pretty terrible because at the time when you’d like people to be most sympathetic to you, you end up being the most horrible to them and making it all impossible.

Researchers for the study, reported in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, found that dogs who exhibited aggressive behavior had low levels of the “feel good” hormone serotonin in their bodies. This is also the case in people that are depressed and anxious.

So just like the bitches in the study, I’m working on managing this but there is no clear cure. I do think I can rule this treatment suggested in the article below. I’m not sure what a human equivalent would be, but I imagine it’s scarier than my disorder :

They say enrolling your pet in doggie day care can help ease separation anxiety.


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Roommate: Did you ever go out with that guy?

Me: No. I mean. Ok. So maybe I am being too picky, but I lost interest.

Roommate: Why?

Me: Something he said.

Roommate: What?

Me: It’s stupid.

Roommate: No really?

Me: Ok. So. I was telling him I had a dog. And he said he’d never had one.



But that he had owned cats.

Roommate: Deal breaker.

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Friend: So you just go up to guys in bars and you talk to them?

Me: Uh huh. All the time.

Friend: You hit on them?

Me: Uh huh. I have game.

Friend: Really?

Me: It’s like when Raleigh is at the dog park. She picks up a scent and just runs with it. She goes in circles and she looks crazy. After a while the other dogs get tired of trying to keep up and she rarely catches anything. But she has fun doing it.



Friend: I think I am going to try online dating.

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