It’s over 90 degrees today in New York. Again! We really should have asked for a puppy pool for our birthday.  This apartment is a sweat box and dogs don’t sweat, so you know who that smell is….


There were crimes committed against the trees of our neighborhood, but now it is under control.

This morning we ran across a post from The Dog Trainer’s facebook page about the Thundershirt. We laughed. Must there be a dog costume for everything? But apparently this is more than a costume, its anxiety therapy for fear of thunder, separation anxiety, barking, travel anxiety… basically its the dog equivalent of popping a few Valium before a plane ride. At least according to the company.

Thunder! Lightning! The way you love me is frightening!

It sounded bizarre. So we watched the before and after videos online. And it is still bizarre. We might have to try it! While we are a travel pro that does not bark, sometimes we flip out a little when Owner leaves or all hell breaks loose from the heavens (thunder and lightning!) If that goofy looking outfit wants to give us a big hug to make us feel better, we’d try it. But only in the privacy of our own home. We are a skinny bitch, and that getup just adds bulk to the midsection. Always unflattering.

Update: We emailed the company and they are sending us a Thundershirt in Heather Grey. Expect a full review in a week or so…

We understand that some of you bitches prefer the beds of L.L. Bean, but personally, this bitch is looking pretty foxy on the room&board.

I’ve been a bit busy fixing up the ol’ apartment this week, so apologies for the lack of posts. Yesterday was an exciting day here at Raleigh Pop headquarters, because I found the designer bed I’d been staking for a while on craigslist and brought it home. I’m clearly not one of those no-dogs-on-the-furniture people, but I do prefer really high beds. I still allow my dog on it, but I enjoy making her back up and taking a flying leap to join me up here.

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Earlier this year, in March, we whined about Prospect Park’s overflowing trash cans. We are happy to report that surely, the Parks department read our blog, because there are now trash receptacles big enough for every chicken bone and beer bottle. Oh, and that occasional pair of pants.

Is anyone else as surprised as me that there are only three dog-related items on here? I think we can do better. Send cute dog stuff to the Raleigh Pop mail bag and I’ll post it. On the Fridge. And then online. For serious. Email Raleigh Pop