Dog Meets World

I can’t remember how I ran across Dog Meets World but any charity project with a “pup prop” has to be a winner over here. The organization is on a mission to give children of the world photographs of themselves who would not otherwise have them. The founder began doing this with a stuffed version of her own dog, and the mascot has stuck.

She looks snarky. I like her!

A photo gallery of the work is available here.

I think this proves that dog people are the nicest. Because when was the last time inspiration for helping someone came to a person bent over a little box and scooping it out? Never.


Paw Print post has blogged the list of top ten cities for dogs, complied by Dog Fancy Magazine (issue release July 27). Number one was Provincetown, Mass. which I know nothing about. I do, however, have strong opinions about number 8, the place of my raising:

  • Carmel, Calif.
  • Madison, Wis.
  • Benicia, Calif.
  • Fort Bragg, Calif.
  • Lincoln City, Ore.
  • San Diego, Calif.
  • Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • Salem, Ore.

My parents raised two dogs (in addition to my sister and me: the two bitches) in that town and my Grandparents had many, many more dogs there. Raleigh gets to visit once or twice a year and I have to admit, its much easier than New York. Here are some specific reasons why:

This guy prefers Virginia Beach for raising dogs. Quite large ones.

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Living in New York makes buying in bulk nearly impossible. The problem is two-fold. Its nearly impossible to cart multiple lbs of (insert ANYTHING here) home, but usually even harder to store them in your tiny apartment once home. Yet, something about the uphill battle, the forbiddenness, makes it even more intoxicating for this bitch, when it comes to two items. I present the first:

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If you are looking for an iPhone app that will make your dog come when called, you are out of luck. But we enjoyed watching this bitch turn the product on man-at-computer (aka Husband) when the dog recall thing did not work out so well. Full Video on Animal Planet.

If you check the official website page, dogs are not allowed into the free summer concert series in Prospect Park. So don’t go saying I ever told you otherwise! But, if you are a smart Brooklyn bitch, you know that you can camp out beyond the gates of the venue on a blanket with your pup. The view is nothing but the sound is really no better up close, so its the best (and ONLY way that I know of) to take a dog to a concert. Bella here is totally down to party at last Saturday’s event.

When you get a dog, you expect that you are going to smell a little. I always thought the bad thing I would smell like would be the actual dog. Turns out Raleigh smells great most of the time, it’s her treats leaving the bad odor on me. I have hands, pockets, even whole bags that smell like fermented pork juice. I have to carry treats with me to get her to come home from the park, so this is just the sad reality I have accepted.

At least until our friend Cherise shared her MarmaLady’s Munchies with me. We tried a bag of the Sweet Tater Rovers, which smell like sweet potatoes instead of something long dead and dried up. As if that was not enough, some of the treats also feature my favorite thing ever. Icing! They were so fancy, I fed them to my dog on a plate.

Dog Eat Dog

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Somehow, this ended without blood shed.

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