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After an entire day of rest, I think I am ready to tackle this post. But before I begin, I want to thank Raleigh sincerely for sticking with me through this. My deep, dark confession is that she had to sleep at the Brooklyn Dog House last night because I was trapped covering the show until midnight. I picked her up as soon as I was able to move this morning. It took a few hours but after a bowl of food, a bath, and two naps on my bed, I think she’s forgiven me.

View from the nosebleed section, MSG

So after my first time covering or attending the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden here in New York and all the angsty posts that resulted, you might assume I am never doing this again. Well you would be wrong. I learned a lot and I am going to do this bigger and better next year for the 135th Annual Show. Here is what I learned… (more…)


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Earlier I reported that Sadie got to meet Bernadette Peters. And then I blacked out.

But this morning I am doing a double-take, too. What was she doing there? Does she own show dogs? Know the owners? Is she part of the prize. Oh, right, and who is she? A Golden Globe winning actress. More photos of her greeting the Best in Show winner, Sadie, and an answer to this burning question are after the jump.

Bernadette Peters in the Westminster Press Room. Does she even know why she is there?


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I could not resist one more post before I run far, far, far away from this place. I am out of words so just take in the photos.


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Whole buncha’ Live stuff here. Thanks and good night!

In the press room after the win. If you ask us, that is not a prize. We've been here all day. Get us out!

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We are an hour away from the judging for best terrier, which will carry us into Best In Show. In order to mitigate the impact of an impending doggie breakdown, we are going to suspend posting on this site for now and migrate the rest of our coverage to Scottish Terrier and Dog News. Please stay with us. We are so tired and you are all we have. That and this cookie.

Update: It’s not like it was the first time I was wrong today, but I regret to inform you I am guessing we’ve go another hour or two before this thing is over. And while I am enjoying the show, I still have the patience of a terrier. Please stay¬† tuned. Even better, put your TV on the Olympics and keep your laptop with Raleigh Pop. It is the best of both worlds.

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Earlier today, I posted about last night’s group winners on Scottish Terrier and Dog News. Each of these dogs will advance to tonight’s Best in Show round.

The favorite to win Best in Show this year is Scottish Terrier Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot, aka Sadie. Tonight at 7:30, all the Best of Breed Terriers will compete for Top Terrier and then it’s on to Best of Show. So, having logged in more than 12 hours here at Madison Square Garden in the last two days, do I have any predictions? Yup. But a lot of biases.

I don’t have much tolerance for these dog people. Talk about some bitches. And I mean the handlers and owners. But when I reported that Sadie’s handler seemed genuine, I meant it. And I wish him all the best. And if not him, then a terrier. And if not a terrier, anyone else. I don’t care. I am just glad it won’t be that bitchy Dalmatian handler who tried to spell check my hand-scribbled notes on my pad looking over my shoulder. Ok. I get it. Dalmatian, not Dalmation. That is why I bought a dogdamn computer.

Ugh. I meant Goddamn.

Anyway, a French Bulldog beat that Dalmatian so I am going to let it go now.

If you are still with us, bravo to you! Please check back with Scottish Terrier and Dog News and this site for more Coca-Cola fueled coverage.

Who Else is Vying For Best in Show? [Scottish Terrier and Dog News]

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