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Somehow, this ended without blood shed.


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Bitches and gentleman: I present evidence that compact living in New York City does not teach a lady how to pack light.

Yikes! This is how much baggage she is bringing to a family reunion? Imagine how much more she’ll have after a solid week of relatives! Wish us luck. We’ll be blogging and tweeting the whole thing all next week. This week we’re gonna take some time to research North Carolina fox holes. Is there an app for that?

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Admittedly, we were warned to stop sniffing under the radiator, and we did not listen.

BUT STILL! We lost a patch of hair on that one and it would have been nice if our Owner had released us from the trap before going for the camera. This one will come back to bite you lady!

More disgrace after the jump. (more…)

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I’ve linked to kelpie1’s Smooth Fox Terrier Flickr before, but I could not resist another puppy pic for a warm spring day.

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… eating a box of crayons while your Owner was out. Enjoy the multicolored poop. We missed you.

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Miles Davis (left), a chocolate lab, spoons Lexi (right) a labby mix. These are my cousin’s dogs and they are both girls.

So take that anti-gay marriage GOP state. Everyone likes two bitches in a bed.

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