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I saw the headline of this article in my google reader and I thought, that is me! And then I realized this is about dogs not humans. Aggressive Dogs May Be Depressed talks about a study on serotonin:

Canine aggression is the most common behavioral problem that veterinarians see and now new research is finding that the aggressive behavior may be the result of depression, The Telegraph reported.

Luckily, my dog does not attack other dogs. I, on the other hand, have been known to fly off the handle a bit, and a lot more recently, due to family events I’d rather not detail at the moment. What I will say, is my poor sister has listened to a lot of misplaced vitriol this summer. I’m a semi-aggressive person all the time, but I certainly notice a big difference when I am upset/depressed. It’s pretty terrible because at the time when you’d like people to be most sympathetic to you, you end up being the most horrible to them and making it all impossible.

Researchers for the study, reported in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, found that dogs who exhibited aggressive behavior had low levels of the “feel good” hormone serotonin in their bodies. This is also the case in people that are depressed and anxious.

So just like the bitches in the study, I’m working on managing this but there is no clear cure. I do think I can rule this treatment suggested in the article below. I’m not sure what a human equivalent would be, but I imagine it’s scarier than my disorder :

They say enrolling your pet in doggie day care can help ease separation anxiety.


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Today I ran across a list of 2010’s Top 50 Dog Blogs. I don’t read any of them regularly, but I recognize a few names from twitter, and was going to look into more of them, until I saw #15. The Obama Dog Blog. Oh boy. I already slammed it so I won’t bore you again. Does anyone know of a better list of top dog blogs? I need more to aspire to.

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It seems to happen every heatwave: someone leaves a dog in a hot car and it isn’t alive when the Owner comes back. That’s inexcusable. By now everyone should know better.

But this article from the New York Daily news has other practical tips for keeping dogs happy in a heatwave. Like looking out for paws on that burning pavement. Read all the tips here.

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I’m really not a big weekend Times reader, but I could not resist a second post on a dog article today. According to the paper, some colleges (Stephens was profiled) are inviting students to bring dogs to the dorms. In theory this will ease the transition to living as adults (away from Mom and Dad). Silly me. I thought the answer was binge drinking. Or was that just how I celebrated that? In any case, it was a good move for me to wait until 25 to get my own dog. I’m not sure these freshmen can (or should?) handle it. What do you think? Comment!

Colleges Extend the Welcome Mat to Students’ Pets [NY Times]

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Thanks reader Golden for emailing this tip in!

Last week, the New York Times wrote about a couples therapist that proposes this advice: treat your mate like your dog. And it’s actually advice meant to improve your relationship! Healing Together for Couples is by licensed psychologist Suzanne B. Phillips. The Times explains her theory:

She argues that we all have much to learn from the way we love our pets. People often describe pets as undemanding and giving unconditional love, when the reality is that pets require a lot of time and attention, special foods and care. They throw up on rugs, pee in the house and steal food from countertops. Yet we accept their flaws because we love them so much.

I’m not in a relationship right now so I can’t test this out. If any single men would like me to take them for four-five walks a day, give them a bath, and let them sleep on my bed, then drop me a line. You will, however, be required to scoop your own poop.

(Bitchy aside: Does anyone else think Heidi and Spencer on The Hills could totally use couples therapy? And just a whole shit ton of therapy? What a freak show!)

What Can Pets Teach Us About Marriage [NY Times]

Read more on Psych Central.

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We’ve just stumbled upon Frankie’s list of dog blogs from last weekend. Wow.

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Thanks tipster Kim for sending in this article from The Globe and Mail. (Which means special shout out to Canadian bitches!)

Writer Rebecca Dube talks about how her dog prepared her to be a mom. And while I have lots of wine in my oven and no-buns-no-thank-you, I am willing to concede that my dog made me more maternal. As Dube says,

My dog was my baby. She taught me that a slobbery, stinky creature could pee on my shoes, poop everywhere, complicate my life in a million aggravating ways – and at the same time inspire so much love that my heart felt like it would burst with happiness.

As I mentioned before, Raleigh is with her Grandpa this week. After reading this article, I think I need to wander around petting strays on the street for a while. It is embarrassinghow much you can miss such a poopy mess that drags you out of bed at 7 am!

My Dog Taught Me How To Be A Mom [The Globe and Mail]

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