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Raleigh Report: Anti-PETA

We’ve mentioned PETA on this site before, most notably when two members ran into the middle of the Westminster Dog Show to protest it. So given the vocal audience BOOing, we assumed that not too many dog lovers are also PETA lovers. But we had no idea the scope of the hate until we saw the facebook page earlier today.




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I am told that it did not make the tv coverage, but in the middle of Best In Show judging, two PETA protesters ran in with signs. I don’t have photos because I was sitting way up in the stands. Paw Print Post backs me up:

Two  PETA protesters tried to steal the show by running into the ring shortly after Best in Show started and unfurling two signs over their heads. The signs read “Mutts Rule” and “Breeders Kill  Shelter Dogs Chances”. Security guards quickly removed them from the ring. The show never missed a step, nor did the dogs.

I could not see the signs either. The two people made it to the middle of the arena but only for a second. About 6 people ran in to escort them out. The crowd boo’d them. I will try and hunt down a photo.

Update: The good ol’ AP snapped a photo. Thanks guys.

Update No. 2: Good ol’ AP again. Guess you guys didn’t pass out, like me, as soon as the show was over. I guess we weren’t all drinking on the job? Here is more on the protest:

PETA members Dana Sylvester and Hope Round were charged with criminal trespass, police said. They acted on their own, the organization said, but it supported them.

Scottie Sadie Wins Westminster After PETA Protest [Yahoo]

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Photo Op: Carnivorous

Angry PETA commenters, welcome.

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