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Paw Print post has blogged the list of top ten cities for dogs, complied by Dog Fancy Magazine (issue release July 27). Number one was Provincetown, Mass. which I know nothing about. I do, however, have strong opinions about number 8, the place of my raising:

  • Carmel, Calif.
  • Madison, Wis.
  • Benicia, Calif.
  • Fort Bragg, Calif.
  • Lincoln City, Ore.
  • San Diego, Calif.
  • Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • Salem, Ore.

My parents raised two dogs (in addition to my sister and me: the two bitches) in that town and my Grandparents had many, many more dogs there. Raleigh gets to visit once or twice a year and I have to admit, its much easier than New York. Here are some specific reasons why:

This guy prefers Virginia Beach for raising dogs. Quite large ones.



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If you check the official website page, dogs are not allowed into the free summer concert series in Prospect Park. So don’t go saying I ever told you otherwise! But, if you are a smart Brooklyn bitch, you know that you can camp out beyond the gates of the venue on a blanket with your pup. The view is nothing but the sound is really no better up close, so its the best (and ONLY way that I know of) to take a dog to a concert. Bella here is totally down to party at last Saturday’s event.

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Earlier this year, in March, we whined about Prospect Park’s overflowing trash cans. We are happy to report that surely, the Parks department read our blog, because there are now trash receptacles big enough for every chicken bone and beer bottle. Oh, and that occasional pair of pants.

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Would you like to drink in a “converted auto-repair shop that serves up liquid refreshment for the two and four legged among us?”(Yes, you would.)

Head out to Mission Dolores in Park Slope, which has plenty of room for all sorts of dogs. As our Yelp tipster explains: One part is covered courtyard(ish), one part is enclosed (with HUGE glass windows) and the front bay opens out to the street.

I enjoyed a $12 pitcher of Yuengling there just last night (with two others!) while an adorable Boston terrier looked on. Next time I’ll bring Raleigh and unleash her to hit on all the hot doggies.

Photo via Flickr.

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In this sort of it’s-been-over-90-degrees-all-week weather, you learn to map out the places that put water bowls out in Brooklyn pretty fast, lest you receive judgey-discouraging looks from passers-by concerned that your bitch is about to perish in a fury of panting. To every business Owner in Brooklyn that has saved us this week, thank you. I’d like to extend a special Raleigh Pop award to the Blue Marble Ice Cream shop on Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights. Not only do they make sure that bowl is out early, but they often add ice. We are lucky that this particular bowl is half-way between home and Prospect Park, so we can hit it twice per morning.

And for the sugar-obsessed, over-heated human, the ice cream is pretty damn good, too. I suggest the ginger flavor.

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Thanks tipster Sarah F., for sharing this photo with us. It is a tiny dog in a tiny tee-shirt, waiting in line at New York’s Shake Shack.

While this bitch neither waits in line for food, nor wears tee-shirts, she does sort of miss the circus that is New York right now. We’ll see you all next week!

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Things are going to be a little different on the blog for the next two weeks, since some bitch (ahem! Owner!) is too busy with travel to write. Not that it really matters to us because we are holding down the fort here just fine. We might even upgrade to WordPress 3.0. Just as soon as we figure out what WordPress 3.0 is!

Week One at Aunt Margaret’s went quite well, by both her account and ours. Unlike the catastrophe of 2008 dog sitting, we have not gotten into trouble by eating phone chargers or pooping indoors. We have been a delight to our Aunt and her three lady rommates. That is right: five bitches in one house! Cesar Milan was right about pack behavior!

The highlight of the week was yesterday’s run-in with ANOTHER smooth coat fox terrier. Since Aunt Margaret did not manage to photograph the magic, here’s an alternate image of a smooth fox terrier stud we’d like to meet, but likely won’t since he lives in Australia.The dog we met was a male, aged ten. Aunt Margaret was surprised (and maybe delighted?) by how calm he was. Apparently this is seen as an advantage in life. We are not too sure, but since we are only (almost) 3, we get at least another year of bouncing off the walls before we really find out.

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