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I saw the headline of this article in my google reader and I thought, that is me! And then I realized this is about dogs not humans. Aggressive Dogs May Be Depressed talks about a study on serotonin:

Canine aggression is the most common behavioral problem that veterinarians see and now new research is finding that the aggressive behavior may be the result of depression, The Telegraph reported.

Luckily, my dog does not attack other dogs. I, on the other hand, have been known to fly off the handle a bit, and a lot more recently, due to family events I’d rather not detail at the moment. What I will say, is my poor sister has listened to a lot of misplaced vitriol this summer. I’m a semi-aggressive person all the time, but I certainly notice a big difference when I am upset/depressed. It’s pretty terrible because at the time when you’d like people to be most sympathetic to you, you end up being the most horrible to them and making it all impossible.

Researchers for the study, reported in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, found that dogs who exhibited aggressive behavior had low levels of the “feel good” hormone serotonin in their bodies. This is also the case in people that are depressed and anxious.

So just like the bitches in the study, I’m working on managing this but there is no clear cure. I do think I can rule this treatment suggested in the article below. I’m not sure what a human equivalent would be, but I imagine it’s scarier than my disorder :

They say enrolling your pet in doggie day care can help ease separation anxiety.


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Q: Raleigh- Yesterday you featured an old guy and his Irish Setter in the post about dogs in Virginia Beach. I was wondering if that is your Grandpa?

A: Thanks for asking. That guy, Bill, is my Owner’s Grandpa, so he is our Great Grandpa! And the red-headed mess next to him is Ollie (Oliver if you are formal). Great Grandpa Bill is a serious, life-long dog lover. In his 97 years, he has owned more dogs than he can remember (but apparently every thing is hard to remember at that age, which means he is great at giving out multiple dog treats!) His history of dogs includes (best we can recall): 2 Cocker Spaniels (One whose name was Scram), 3 Irish setters (Kim and Kay preceded Ollie), 3 English Cocker Spaniels  (Jodie, Blue, and Duke) and a Boston Terrier named Blackie. Unconfirmed family reports suggest there was also a “farm dog” growing up, and at least two litters of puppies for a while.

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I’ve been a bit busy fixing up the ol’ apartment this week, so apologies for the lack of posts. Yesterday was an exciting day here at Raleigh Pop headquarters, because I found the designer bed I’d been staking for a while on craigslist and brought it home. I’m clearly not one of those no-dogs-on-the-furniture people, but I do prefer really high beds. I still allow my dog on it, but I enjoy making her back up and taking a flying leap to join me up here.


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We’ve been meaning to write this post for over a week now, but quite frankly it has taken us a very long time to recover from family reunion mania. For a whole week, we vacationed in this lovely, pet friendly rental with Owner and 19 of her people. If you will be in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with a dog, we recommend that you give Sun Realty a try.

And now, without further ado, here is what we learned from hanging out with The Owner’s family.

1. Humans do bizarre things when they get engaged, like cry. Like when they are happy! Happy tears!?! What a mess. If you see us crying it isn’t because we just won a truck full of bully sticks. It is because the fox got away again. We are consistent.

2. Humans of a certain age make more, smaller humans, and these ones like to play with balls. HA! SUCKERS! We are too smart for the futility of fetch, but knock yourselves out.

Listen, ball. I won't move if you don't move. Deal!

3. Humans in close contact with other humans are driven to drink. A lot.

4. Humans from the suburbs are confused by bitches from the city, and do not approve of Twitter, especially when it is being used during a round of Taboo.

5. Humans are especially crazy when playing Taboo

6. Reunions make us tired so that we black out in odd positions.

7. Ditto for Owner.

8. Reunions are a great way to get petted all day long.

9. Reunions are a great way to pick up a ton of dropped goldfish crackers and chips. Thanks, small humans!

10. Reunions are the greatest and we hope that one day we can have one with Uncle Oscar and Great Auntie Lucy. We know they’ve got the wine for it.

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Our Owner might be described as not-kid-friendly. Some would say she is even anti-kid. Either way it is fine with us, because we’d rather not share attention.

However, at this week’s family reunion, we are starting to see that they do have some benefits.

As we learned this week, human boys come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

We are not a huge fan of the small one despite the fact that he has dropped multiple snacks on the floor for us. The issue is a certain high pitched noise that he makes. Its a bit squirrel-like but not in a way that makes us want to hunt him.

The large one is somewhat better. He makes different noises and plays with lots of balls. However, with our disinterest in fetch, this gets old fast.

However, the medium one, pictured above, has proven to be just right. He pets us like a pro.

“Four-year old boy” is totally going on next month’s birthday list. We just hope we get to swap him out for a new model next year.

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Since I’ve been doing the dog blog, I have been overwhelmed with all kinds of dog blog tips. And I am thankful for each and every one, whether it made the blog or not. But this i phone picture of a subway ad that came through last night became my instant favorite. Not really for the content, but because, OMG ya’ll, crazy dog stuff on the subway? That is Raleigh’s dream!


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Do you smell that? No, not poop. Grass! Air! Trees! It’s almost summer vacation time. And that means that Owner and us are taking a vacation! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

As we may have mentioned before, its not that easy traveling with us. There is a certain bus company named for a dog breed that, IRONY OF IRONIES, does not accept dogs. Fortunately we have friends with cars.

Next Wednesday we area headed to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. We were pretty excited that our Owner stumbled upon Sun Realty Outer Banks, since they offer homes to rent with a pet friendly option.

So we are all set to attend out very first Cox Family Reunion in North Carolina. Follow Us and our Owner on Twitter, as we confront the angst that only family can bring as 20 Cox Family members collide.

Oh yeah. We are a bitch that loves Cox.

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