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If you’re just catching up, this week I’ve been pairing dogs and drinks. Why? Because I love them both! (At least until the morning, at which point I often realize that I loved the latter too much last night). So today I was challenged with finding the prefect pairing for a smooth coat fox terrier. You might assume I’d pick a smooth, drinkable wine. But you obviously don’t know my dog!

I love Raleigh in the tradition of all the great semi-destructive relationships. I can’t say “no” to her, I feel guilty when I have to leave her alone, and sometimes she makes me want to run away. She’s also adorable, overly-excited, and great at getting attention.

Therefore, the perfect drink is one likely to explode and leave me with a headache. And yet I can never pass it up. (more…)


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Yesterday was a long day. And by that, I mean a long haul. And by that I mean I drove for seven hours alone, got really bored, and landed in Cleveland, OH badly in need of beer. When I saw this one on the menu, I didn’t really care what it tasted like. It suited my mood so I ordered it. Fortunately, it was everything I wanted in a beer.


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For a year, Raleigh and I lived in Fort Greene where I’d take her off leash to play with the locals. The park wasn’t quite big enough for her, so we’ve since migrated to Prospect Heights and the much-bigger Prospect Park, but I still miss some of the local crew there, even if Raleigh doesn’t (she’s pretty focused on squirrel chasing instead of socializing when off-leash) One of the nicest people there, a chef, also owned the nicest dog: a Blue Merle Collie named Biscuit.

The Blue Merle differs from the regular old lassie in color. The AKC collie page describes it as a mottled or “marbled” color predominantly blue-grey and black with white markings. It was adorable! Like this one named Willow that I found on Flickr, courtesy of Nick Cowie.


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In part two of this week’s summer series Fido & Wino: dog and wine pairings, I’ve been inspired by first loves: my first dog and my first case of wine. Let’s start with the hairy guy.

Before I was born, as white people tend to do, my parents got a dog. This is smart for young couples, because it ensures that they are capable of keeping something alive before they test that out on a baby. In this case, it was a Gordon Setter named Mac. Here’s more about the breed from the AKC page:

The heaviest of the three setter breeds, the Gordon Setter was originally bred as a personal bird dog, but they are equally at home as companion dogs, obedience competitors and show dogs today. Sturdy and muscular, the Gordon suggests strength and stamina rather than extreme speed while on the move. The breed’s distinctive black and tan coat allows it to be found easily in light fields and early snow.

Mac was a great “big brother” for me until I was in second grade, at which point my parents did the right thing and told me the truth; he had to be put down because his back legs had stopped working at age 13. I don’t know shit about raising kids, but I do know that I would never lie about the family dog going to some farm in the county when the dogs has in fact passed. I thank them for their honesty and would like to raise my glass to Mac! A glass of what you ask? The obvious pairing would be a black and tan. But I don’t drink those. So let’s celebrate this big, black dog with a bold, full bodied wine.

Gordon Setter and Pinot Noir (more…)

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In honor of this summery holiday week, I’m going to run a five-part series combining my favorite things: dogs and wine! (I know that I also said that beards, beer, and icing were my favorite things, but let’s face it: it’s too hot for that first one and I am currently (sadly) too fat for the second and third, thanks to too much vacation). I got the idea (and ripped off the name) from reading Shauna’s blog, Fido & Wino. Check her out! Why? Because she writes things like this

Holy crap I love dogs. I love my dogs… I probably love your dogs too. But not in a weird way.

So to start us off, let’s meet Wally the daschund. In addition to having a name that rhymes with Raleigh, this dog rocks for several other reasons.

1. Even with stubby legs, he can launch himself three feet in the air, landing squarely in a human lap.

2. He cuddles like a pro, sleeps under the covers, and has an excellent “come hither” stare. See?

3. Unlike some little bitch I know (rhymes with Wally…) he is a good city dog, who can entertain himself in a small apartment but, unlike a cat, totally flip out with joy when you come home.

4. Wally’s mom is a real estate agent, and at just 1 1/2 years old, he’s mellow enough to hang out at an office and not eat all the paper.

5. Wiener dog!!! It’s just a fun to say!

Having covered the fido love, let’s move onto wino love. What wine goes great with hot dogs? A full bodied red, of course. Next time you are grilling, open up some Gascon. Holy crap! I love this Malbec!

Don Miguel Gascón Malbec is a full bodied wine with a deep violet color, showcasing flavors and aromas of blackberry, blueberry, plum, dark cherry, and a hint of mocha. The wine is elegant and rich in texture, with soft, round tannins and a long velvety finish.

According to the web, it pairs well with grilled red meats, wild game, pasta dishes and chocolate molten dessert. According to me, it pairs well with tofu, crackers and cheese, fish, thai food, indian food, or even, goddamit, cereal.

So if you are considering a dog for the city, get a daschund. And if you already have a city dog that is driving you nuts, drink some Malbec.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more pairings. Happy holidays to everyone today. I hope you are at a picnic with hot dogs.

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