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Our Owner has written on this site about her struggle to come up with the perfect name for us. And while it is still annoying that people assume we are a male and not a bitch, we certainly would not trade our current name for the former one. (Dollie —> Raleigh)

We’ve got nothing against the ol’ standards. But they strike us as a bit boring. So when we ran across this column by dog writer Ollie, we had to disagree with a few things. Here is a clip from the Post Tribune:

What happened to the standard dog names like Bruiser, Fido or Spot? (more…)


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Yesterday Owner told you all about how we got our name. And while it may not all have worked out the way she planned, we have been really happy with it. (But let’s face it. We started life as Dolly, so there was no where to go but up).

We know that letting your Owner pick your name does not always work out so well for other dogs. Though we never met him, we were very happy to see that Snicker’s new Owners changed his name to Mason. Good call. Can we universally ban all candy-bar names from now on?

This morning, we were in the park minding our own business when all of a sudden we come to find our butt being stiffed. Not a rare occurrence give our cuteness, but we kindly explained that we were spayed and too busy looking for ice to eat to bother with any of that at 8 am this morning. The sniffer persisted.

Which led the sniffer’s owner to call out:

“Mc LOVIN’ Come here Mc LOOOOOVIN’ ”


People. You’ve got to be kidding us.

Earlier: Q & A: What’s in a Dog Name?

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Q: Why did you name your dog Raleigh?

A: I get this question a lot so the answer might be quite long. But I’m glad you asked! First of all, internet friends, let’s clear up the pronunciation. It’s not Rally. Say “raw-lee.” Good. Good, dog!

Baby dog . Hi, my name is _________

When Raleigh came to live with me on January 1, 2008, she was six months old and already had a name. It was Dolly.

Hello, Dolly?


I knew I had to change it and it I had to do it fast. I had read that certain letter sounds are easier for dogs to understand. Also I read that its best to have a one- or two-syllable name. All good advice. My top choices were… (more…)

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