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Today’s NYDaily news has an article that looks into the growing popularity of raw foods for dogs. Interesting. But we have to say, you are not going to sell us with a name like this.

Ten years ago, Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst developed the raw diet known as BARF, which once stood for “Bones and Raw Food” but is now known as “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.”

No thank you. We tend to barf a lot as it is. Owner said it has something to do with putting trash in our mouths.

Veterinarians Mixed on Canned vs. Raw Food Diet [NYDaily]


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I just ran across an interesting article in the Vancouver Sun that claims “pets don’t treat loneliness.” It goes on to suggest that people that use dogs (and cats) to fill human roles in their lives might be worse off. Uh Oh. You mean like, blogging with Raleigh all day is not encouraged?

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.


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Do you bitches ever read the human news and think that they are running about 7 years behind? No wonder the dog year equation works out so well for us. Here are some clips we came across when we took the laptop to the coffee shop.

Breaking! Dogs do talk to each other! Um? Yeah? Otherwise what was the point of us getting a blog and twitter? Dogs Do Talk to Each Other [WTOP]

Hey guess what? Dogs are good for out door business. We should be allowed on a sidewalk. Who else is going to chase the roller bladers?  Hollywood Considering Allowing Dogs on Broadwalk [CBS4]

Don’t feed us Chocolate. And not just because of the diet. No Chocolate Bunnies for Dogs! [Albany Times Union]

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In yesterday’s Sunday Times, Moby explains why he plays with the neighbors dogs, but does not have one:

I travel too much. And I’m content to deal with the good side of other people’s dogs and the good side of other people’s children. Then I don’t have to pick up poo.

Well, its a valid argument. But it doesn’t really make me like him. Is it just me or is Moby too mopey? It can’t help that when I see him that I get him confused with David Cross and then get massively disappointed when there is nothing Funke going on.

The better bald

Sunday Routine Moby [Times]

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As a blogging dog, we’ve taken an interest in other dogs whose Owners require them to work. This week, we ran across an article in the Times about Cruiser, a puggle employed by The Bed Bug Inspectors. It’s his job to sniff out the pests and, apparently, he’s pretty good at it. The article reports that

well-trained dogs can detect a single live bug or egg with 96 percent accuracy

Wowza. Sometimes we can’t even find all the crumbs under the couch. While this line of work sounds very important, we are guessing that Owner isn’t going to go for it. Despite her long-established desire to make us bring home our own bacon, we don’t think she’d be willing to put up with the training process that Jeremy Ecker has gone through with Cruiser. We quote:

Mr. Ecker discovered pretty quickly that his new career required an extreme lifestyle commitment. Not only would he have to live with bedbugs to train and feed his new roommates, Cruiser and Freedom, he would have to feed the bugs, too. Remember that dinner for a bedbug is a nice long quaff of human blood; Mr. Ecker rolled up a sleeve to reveal a horrifying tattoo of old bites.

Oh Em Gee. People. Oh Em Gee.

A New Breed of Guard Dog Attacks Bedbugs [Times]

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It sounds like an easy job: sniff for drugs. Sure, why not? We sniff everything anyway. But it turns out that a trained German Shepard drug-sniffing dog is quite an investment. According to the Times, the MTA pays $6,000 for each male German shepherd and $5,800 for each female.

Yes, that is right. Even in the dog world, bitches get screwed over by the gender gap. Read the full article on the Times site.

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We like a party. But when it comes to going out, we do not dress up and we do not pass out our card (’cause we don’t have clothes or cards!). So it’s no wonder we were not on the VIP list for a book party to celebrate the publication of It’s a Dog’s World: The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living by Wendy Diamond. We are pretty glad that reporter Penelope Green bit that bullet for us. She writes:

Ms. Diamond, who has enormous blue eyes and the energy level of a Jack Russell terrier, greeted guests of all species with a hug. To keep her hands free, she and her assistant, Kathryn Del Re, passed Lucky, Ms. Diamond’s Maltese terrier, back and forth all evening.

Gag. It gets better.

In her book, Ms. Diamond — who had decorated herself on Tuesday with a red jersey Marilyn-style halter dress — exhorts dog owners to decorate defensively, by choosing fabrics, for example, that don’t contrast with the color of your pet’s fur.

Like we said before. It’s no wonder Newspapers are dying. This article goes here.

Who Let the Dogs In? [Times]

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